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God sends many miracles to us.  If we learn to watch for them, they are happening all the time. Today I had a very obvious miracle that I want to tell you about. 

I like Fridays. I typically get off work early. It’s a great day to take some “me” time.  My kids are at school and my wife is at work.  During my free time I decided to start recording a new song. Sometimes new songs just flow and today was one of those days. In less than two hours I had a rough draft of a new song. Complete with intro, verse, prechorus and chorus. The parts just came to me like I was taking dictation! 

Later, as I was leaving to pick up my oldest son from school, song titles raced thru my mind. I was thinking a good title might be a name of special person. Maybe a Saint, or warrior... when John Paul II came to my mind.  I thought, “Yes, that fits nicely... if I turn on my radio and I hear his name that could be a sign that I should name the song after JPII.” (I usually have EWTN on SiriusXM radio dialed in so there was a chance...)  The radio was on but the volume dial was down. As I turned up the volume, to my amazement the announcer was talking about John Paul II!

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