Fall 2018


Updated the website and made some changes. The studio has a few new items and I am gathering up to start some new material. My health is better and I am able to play guitar again. Very thankful for the graces I have received. 🙏🏻


Summer Break


Hello all!


Stolen Ford release!


Had a few hiccups on releasing Stolen Ford. My bass player Tommy was unable to do this song due to personal reasons. But we will get him on a future song for sure! Until than you will have to listen to me play bass. The song is now on my music listening page as cdbaby gets it set for release. Usually within a week or two for Spotify and iTunes etc.


Stolen Ford


Stolen Ford update


Working on a new song!


Stolen Ford


Cybergenerated solo


Recorded a short solo for Dylan Dykstra’s song “Cybergenerated”. A modern, heavy upcoming release. 


Starburst Galaxy iTunes link


Download “Starburst Galaxy“ Todd’s homage to EVH on iTunes. 


Starburst Galaxy


New Release Starburst Galaxy


Val Garay Junkyard Prophet


Todd recently recorded a guitar solo for the band Junkyard Prophet. It is being

produced by Val Garay


iTunes release of County Road 61


iTunes release of County Road 61.